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Kee Lin & Jane
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Be Right Here

Jukebox Jump

Let It Off

You Got That

No class this week

Stomp Like Hell

Deep End

Do Tambor

All Of It But Me

Boom Pow


Saved My Soul

Run Me Like A River

2 Become 1

Whistle While You Work It

The Ghost Of You

Shimmy Tonic



Scared Of The Dark       Count: 64   Wall: 2    Level: Intermediate    Choreographer: Maggie Gallagher (March 10th 2017) Music: Steps -
Scared of The Dark - amazon

Open My Heart

Galway Girl


Doin' What I Like

Dy Na Mite

Shape Of You

Worth Fighting For   Count:64   Wall:4  Level:Intermediate   Choreographer:Roy Verdonk (NL) & Jef Camps (BE) - February 2017
Music:"Worth Fighting For" by Taylor Henderson

Just Let Me Cry   Count:56   Wall:2   Level:Phrased Intermediate   Choreographer:Roy Verdonk, (NL) & Sebastiaan Holtland, (NL). Feb 2017
Music James Maslow ft. City Fidelia - Cry (New Single 2017) (iTunes & other mp3 sites) (approx 3:21 mins).

Happy Ever After   Count: 32   Wall: 2   Level: Intermediate    Choreographer: Maddison Glover (AUS) January 2017
Music: Too Good to Say Goodbye – Bruno Mars (4.42)

Last Text   Count:48   Wall:3   Level:Intermediate   Choreographer: Gary O'Reilly (Ire) February 2017   Music: "Last Text" by Jacob Sartorius

Hold Me Now   Count: 32    Wall: 4    Level: Intermediate    Choreographer: Brett Jenkins, Stephen Paterson & Joshua Talbot, Jan 2017
Music: Hold You Now By Johnny Logan. Album: Nature of Love - iTunes

Mas! Mi Corazon   Count:48   Wall:4   Level: Phrased Easy Intermediate    Choreographer: Carolyne SABATIER (France - 14 fev 2017)
Music:"Màs" by Kamaleon  

Funky Sole

How Would You Feel

Never Let Me Go     Count: 96     Wall: 2   Level: Intermediate / Advanced waltz    Choreographer: Esmeralda v.d. Pol (NL) Feb 2017
Music: "Stand By Me" by Shayne Ward  

Thy Will

The Violin

The Anthem

Love Remains   Count: 48   Wall: 2   Level: High Intermediate NC2S    Choreographer: Gary O'Reilly (IRE) (Jan 2017) C.B.A
Music: "Love Remains" by Hillary Scott & The Scott Family– 3mins57secs

Jumpshot   Count: 48   Wall: 2   Level: Phrased Novice   Choreographer: Jose Miguel Belloque Vane, (NL) & Sebastiaan Holtland, (NL). Jan
2017   Music: Dawin – Jumpshot. (EP: Sunday 2016). (iTunes & other mp3 sites) (approx 3:30 mins).

I Don't Mind   Count: 96   Wall: 0   Level:Phrased Advanced    Choreographer: Fred Whitehouse (Ireland) Shane Mckeever (Ireland) Jan
2017   Music: I Don't Mind by Usher ft. Juicy J  

back from CNY Break

Femme Like U


1000 Years Cha

Inna's Heaven

Versace On The Floor


Join The Party

A Show Of Burlesque

Viva Loco

Money Maker


Shout Out To My Ex


Rockabye Baby

Oops Baby

Kite Like Girl

Clap Clap Clap


Take The Money

Desde Esa Noche    Count: 32   Wall: 4   Level: Improver   Choreographer: Roy Verdonk (Netherland), Rebecca Lee (Malaysia) November 2016.  Music: Desde
Esa Noche by Thalia ft Maluma

Calm Me Down     Count: 48  Wall: 2   Level: Intermediate   Choreographer: Joshua Talbot & Brett Jenkins, October 2016
Music: Kindly Calm Me Down by Meghan Trainor. Album: Thank You   

Echoes Of Love   Count: 72   Wall: 4   Level: Intermediate   Choreographer: Maggie Gallagher (November 2016)   Music: Echoes of Love by Jesse & Joy
(Amazon & iTunes)

Looking Like That     Count: 48   Wall: 2   Level:    Intermediate    Choreographer: Rachael McEnaney-White (UK/USA) September 2016
Music: Lookin' Like That – Jordan Fisher

Tell Me The Truth

My Middle Name

Keep It Groovin'

Rated R

Pom Poms

Tonight Again

Fiesta Vibe

Burning Passion

I Came To Love You

Girls Talk

Don't Need It


Don't Cry Anymore

You Let Me Shine

Why I Love You

Come On Come On

Main Attraction

Your Time Will Come

Sleep Alone


Love Addition

Live Like Crazy   Jannie Tofte Andersen (DK)

Na Na Na

Till Ya Legs Hurt

Cinderella  Count: 48   Wall: 4   Level: Low Intermediate    Choreographer: EWS Winson & Adeline Cheng (Nuline Dance - Malaysia) Aug 2016
Music: Cinderella by Tata Young

The Wild Life   Count: 32   Wall: 4   Level: Intermediate   Choreographer: Scott Blevins (August 2016)   Music: "The Wild Life" – Single by

Grand Master Sexy by Karl-Harry Winson

Broken by Ria Vos

Russian Roulette  Count: 32   Wall: 4   Level: Improver   Choreographer: Simon Ward & Kate Simpkin, AU - Aug 2016
Music: Trust You, By Rob Thomas, Album: Trust You - Single, iTunes - 3:07

Supersititous   Count: 140   Wall: 1  Level: Phrased Advanced   Choreographer: Roy Verdonk ( nl ), Daniel Trepat ( nl ), Laura
BARTOLOMEI ( fr ), Nisrine Verdonk ( nl ) Aug 2016   Music: Superstitious - MKTO  

I'll Be Yours, You'll Be Mine   Count:112   Wall:1  Level:Phrased High Intermediate   Choreographer:Wil Bos – Aug 2016
Music:"Baby" by Genevieve (single)

Shatter Like Glass   Count:32   Wall:4   Level:Intermediate - WCS feel    Choreographer:Daniel Tobias – June 2016
Music:"Break On Me" by Keith Urban

Kiss The Sky  Count:64   Wall:2   Level:Intermediate   Choreographer:Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris (August 2016)
Music:Kiss The Sky .. Jason Derulo. Album: Platinum Heights (iTunes)

Suite 16  Count:48   Wall:4   Level:Intermediate   Choreographer:Karl-Harry Winson (UK) Aug 2016
Music:"Anna-Lee" by Suite 16  

Yes. I'm Ready   Count:96   Wall:1   Level: Phrased Intermediate    Choreographer:Darcie DeAngelis – July 2016
Music:"Messin' Around" by Pitbull (feat. Enrique Iglesias)

It's Your Move   Count: 72   Wall: 2   Level: Intermediate    Choreographer:Malene Jakobsen, Denmark - August 2016
Music: It's Your Move by Josh Kelley. Album: New Lane Road – iTunes, 132 BPM

Black And White (Dee Musk) not released yet

Beautiful U In Blue   Count:64   Wall:2   Level:Intermediate    Choreographer:Jaszmine Tan (Msia) Aug 2016
Music:Lady In Blue by Bouke  

Special Lady

Beautiful Inside

Ready To Go

Dancing On My Own

Someone Who Can Dance

Ti Dico Di Si ( I Say To You Yes )   Count: 64   Wall: 4   Level: Intermediate Cha Cha    Choreographer: Ira Weisburd - July, 2016
Music: TI DICO DI SI Singer: Miky (ITALY); Composer, Lyricist, Producer: Salvatore Masucci (ITALY) **  

La Pompa

Wish I Was

Your Hand Is Mine

Get It Baby   Count: 128   Wall: 2    Level: Intermediate    Choreographer: Kenneth Gibson – July 2016   Music: Get It Baby by Tito Jackson

Shake That   Count: 48   Wall: 2   Level: Phrased Intermediate    Choreographer: Maddison Glover (AUS) June 2016   
Music: "Shake That" - Samantha Jade ft. Pitbull

Summer Of Love   Count: 80   Wall: 2   Level: Intermediate    Choreographer:Michelle Risley (UK) June 2016   Music: Summer of Love by

Welcome To The Show  Count: 40   Wall: 2   Level: Intermediate    Choreographer: Val O'Connor ( June 2016 )   
Music: Welcome To The Show By Adam Lambert And Laleh ( 3.22 ) Single

Rock And Roll Music   Count: 44   Wall: 2   Level: Improver    Choreographer: Rachael McEnaney-White (UK/USA) June 2016
Music: "Rock and Roll Music" – Bryan Adams. Approx 2.34 mins

Funk & Feel It


Far From The Tree

Maybe Tomorrow


Pay My Rent

Woman Up


Fine By Me

Walk Of Shame

Harden Up Princess

Zero To Hero


away to Penang  24 to 26 (Fri Sat & Sun)

Get Out The Kitchen

Make You Move


A Yellow Rose

Will You Be There For Me

Dangerous Woman


I'm Not Like You

Don't Be So Shy

Does Your Mama Know

Sobredosis Amor

Hello Hello

Sunshine In My Pocket

The Fighter

One Moment In Time

I Know A Guy

Corazon Diamante


Boys & Girls    Count: 64    Wall: 2   Level: High Intermediate    Choreographer: Rhoda Lai, Canada - May 2016
Music: "Boys & Girls (feat. Pia Mia)" by will.i.am (4:01) amazoncouk  



What's The Pressure


Girls Like

Come And Get It

Aww Honey!

De Luna

Solo Amor

Part Of The List

Carry You Home

Pefect Harmony

Sound Of Your Heart


Make Me Dizzy  Count: 64   Wall: 4    Level: Intermediate    Choreographer: Heather Barton & Suzi Beau – April 2016
Music: Kizunguzungu by Saraha

Run     Count: 96   Wall: 0   Level: Phrased Novice    Choreographer: Raymond Sarlemijn & Darren Bailey – April 2016 Music: Run by Tiggs
da author

Is It Desire ?    Count: 48   Wall: 2   Level: Intermediate Cha Cha    Choreographer: Raymond Sarlemijn & Niels Poulsen - March 2016
Music: Desire by Years and Years. Album: 'Communion'. iTunes - 3.25 mins  

In The Closet  (Tag is   Section 4 of A but no 1/4 right turn)
Count: 48   Wall: 4   Level: Phrased Advanced    Choreographer: Roy Hadisubroto (NL) and Linda McCormack (UK) March 2016
Music: Michael Jackson - In the Closet (Single version- length 4.58)
April 2016 Dances

How I Want Ya

Young & Stupid

Take It Off    Count: 64   Wall: 4   Level: Intermediate    Choreographer: Karl-Harry Winson (UK) March 2016
Music: "Take It Off" by Inna

Vison Of Love  Count:32   Wall: 2    Level: Intermediate - Rolling count    Choreographer: Simon Ward (AUS) and Linda McCormack (UK)
March 2016   Music: Mariah Carey - Vision of Love    
March 2016 Dances


Be My Baby

Go For It

From The Ground Up

last week break

Dirty Mind    Count: 64   Wall: 2   Level: Low Advanced    Choreographer: Daniel Whittaker – March 2016    Music: "Dirty Mind" by Flo Rida
Ft Sam Martin.

More Dessert    Count: 64    Wall: 0    Level: Phrased Intermediate    Choreographer: Guyton Mundy & Klara Wallman – March 2016   
Music: Dessert by Dawin Feat; Silento' remix

I'll Be Alright    Count: 64    Wall: 4   Level: Intermediate    Choreographer: Maggie Gallagher (March 2016)   Music: I'll Be Alright by Beckah
Shae (Track length 3:25) (Amazon.co.uk )  

Your Song     Count: 40   Wall: 2    Level: Intermediate    Choreographer: Maria Maag, Dk - March 2016   Music: This is Your Song by
Ronan Keating ( Length 4:01 )

Limousine    Count: 48    Wall: 4    Level: Phrased Intermediate    Choreographer: Maria Maag, Dk. – Feb. 2016    Music: Limousine by
Christopher (feat Madcon) Single Limousine: Length 3:34 (iTunes )

Keep It Movin'    Count: 32   Wall: 4   Level: Intermediate    Choreographer: Julia Wetzel - March, 2016   Music: Keep It Movin' by Empire
Cast (Album: Empire [Original Soundtrack from Season 1]), Length: 3:23, BPM: 112  

I'm Coming Over   Count: 48    Wall: 2    Level: Intermediate NC2S    Choreographer: Fiona Murray (IRL), Roy Hadisubroto (NL) Jan. 2016    
Music: I'm Coming Over by Chris Young

I Know What You Did Last Summer    Count: 64   Wall: 2    Level: Low Intermediate    Choreographer: Fiona Murray (IRL), Roy Hadisubroto
(NL) Feb. 2016   Music: I Know What You Did Last Summer by Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello

Todos   Count: 64   Wall: 4   Level: Intermediate   Choreographer: Wil Bos & Gudrun Schneider - March 2016   Music: "Todos" by Etnica
Project (album: Estatissima) 128 bpm

Take Your Time   Count: 48   Wall: 4   Level: Intermediate / Advanced    Choreographer: Kate Sala (UK) Feb. 2016   Music: 'Take Your
Time' by Sam Hunt. Album: 'Montevallo' [mp3 download. 4:02mins]

Sexy Night   Count: 32   Wall: 4   Level: Easy Intermediate    Choreographer: Raymond Sarlemijn – Niels Poulsen – Feb. 2016   Music:
Voir la nuit s'emballer by Matt Pokora (version: Rythmes Extrèmement Dangereux). Track length: 4.02 mins. Buy on iTunes  

Gold Watch   Count: 64   Wall: 4   Level: Intermediate    Choreographer: Kate Sala (UK) March 2016   Music: 'Gold Watch' by Fleur East.
Album 'Love, Sax and Flashbacks'. iTunes.co.uk. 3:31mins


Love Me On The Brain   Count: 32     Wall: 2   Level: Intermediate    Choreographer: Ross Brown (UK) Feb. 2016   Music: Love On The
Brain (Clean) by Rihanna. CD: ANTI (86 BPM) [Length – 3:44]

Die A Happy Man   Choreographer: Rachael McEnaney (UK/USA) Feb 2016   Music: Die A Happy Man - Thomas Rhett
back from CNY break 15th Feburary 2016 Dances

We Are Who We Are   Count: 64    Wall: 2   Level: Intermediate    Choreographer: Robbie McGowan Hickie (UK) Nov. 2015   Music: "We Are
Who We Are" by Carina Dahl (126 bpm)

Lover Come Back   Count: 32    Wall: 4   Level: Intermediate NC2S    Choreographer: Scott Blevins (Feb. 2016)    Music: "Lover Come
Back" by City and Colour. Album "If I Should Go Before You"

Those Russians   Count: 64   Wall: Level:     Easy Intermediate     Choreographer: Niels Poulsen (Denmark) Jan. 2016   Music: asputin by
Boney M. [Track length: 4.26 mins.

About Feelings   Count: 32 Wall:2      Level: Intermediate    Choreographer: Ria Vos, - Feb. 2016   Music: "Mixed Drink About Feelings" -
Eric Church, Album: Mr. Misunderstood

Secret Love

Mirror Mirror   Count: 48   Wall: 2   Level: Easy Intermediate   Choreographer: Robbie McGowan Hickie (UK) & Dwight Meessen (NL) Feb.
2016    Music: "Mirror" by Kaira (feat. Elena) (110 bpm)

Standby You

Pop That Lock

Go To Work

Cake By The Ocean

Show Me The Way

Love Me Down
January 2016 Dances

Cai Cai Cai    Count: 128   Wall: 1   Level: Phrased High Intermediate    Choreographer: Winnie Yu (Dancepooh), Canada Jan. 2016
Music: Cai Cai Cai by Jiu Yue Qiji (踩踩踩-玖月奇跡) Special Edit Version

Spiderweb   Count: 72   Wall: 2   Level: Intermediate    Choreographer: Brenna Stith (Nov. 2015)   Music: Spiderweb – Haley Reinhart

Black & Blue   Count: 104   Wall: 2   Level: Phrased Advanced Pop    Choreographer: Simon Ward, Australia - Feb 2016
Music: Black & Blue, By Guy Sebastian. Album: Black & Blue Single - iTunes

Sensacion   Count: 32    Wall: 4    Level: Intermediate     Choreographer: Darren Bailey, Roy Hadisubroto, Raymond Sarlemijn – Jan.
2016    Music: Stuck on a Feeling by Prince Royce (Spanish Version)

We Wanna Dance   Count: 48   Wall: 4   Level: Intermediate    Choreographer: Maggie Gallagher (Nov. 2015)  Music: We Wanna by
Alexandra Stan & INNA feat. Daddy Yankee (amazon)

Pieces Don't Fit    Count: 32    Wall: 2    Level: Intermediate    Choreographer: Tajali Hall Smith (Canada) Jan. 2016    Music: "The Pieces
Don't Fit Anymore" by James Morrison (iTunes)

You Messed Up    Count: 32   Wall: 2   Level: High Intermediate    Choreographer: Jannie Tofte Andersen (DK) Jan. 2016
Music: 'That's How You Know (Clean)' by Nico & Vinz ft. Bebe Rexha & Kid Ink. [Buy on iTunes].  

Sweet Lovin    Count: 64   Wall: 2   Level: Intermediate    Choreographer: Dee Musk (UK) Jan. 2016   Music: Sweet Lovin' by Sigala, ft. Bryn
Christopher. (Single-Radio Edit) (3:22mins – 128 bpm)

Zootopia   Count: 64   Wall: 2   Level: Intermediate    Choreographer: Dwight Meessen – Jan. 2016   Music: "Try Everything" by Shakira
(album: Try Everything (from Zootopia)) 131 bpm

Let's Get Wierd   Count: 64   Wall: 2   Level: Intermediate    Choreographer: Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick; TheDanceFactoryUK –
November 2015   Music: Weird People – Little Mix    amazoncouk  

Slamming Doors   Count: 48   Wall:4   Level: Intermediate waltz    Choreographer: Rob Fowler – Jan. 2016   Music: Slamming Doors by Ben

Gerry's Reel   Count: 32   Wall: 4   Level: High Improver    Choreographer: Maggie Gallagher (Jan. 2016)    Music: Gerry's Reel by The
Corrs (amazon)

The Bite

One Wing

Is It Too Late

Acid Rain

Under The Moon Of Love

Crazy In Love
Easy dances

Senorita Tu
C'm On Everybody
Diamond Overdue
Ticket To The Blues
A Chinese Rumba
No Sunset
Como Yo
Because I Love You
Sunny Afternoon
Africa Bum Bum
2015 Dances

Right About Now   Count: 72   Wall: 4   Level: Phrased    Choreographer: Will Craig – Dec. 2015   Music: Good To Be Alive by Andy

C m On Everybody   Count: 72   Wall: 2   Level: Low Intermediate    Choreographer: Kenny Teh – Dec. 2015   Music: C'm on everybody by Tanz Orchester Klaus

Keep My Cool   Count: 32   Wall: 4   Level:    Intermediate    Choreographer: Daniel Trepat (NL) & José miguel Belloque Vane (NL), Roy Verdonk (NL), Laura
BARTOLOMEI (FR), Guillaume Richard (FR), Miquel Menendez (ES) Nov. 2015    Music: "Keep My Cool" by Madcon

Boys Like You

Show Me Your Moves   Count: 64   Wall: 2   Level: Phrased Intermediate / Advanced    Choreographer: Brenna Stith (Dec. 2015)   Music: Show Me Your Moves –
Haley Reinhart

Autumn    Count: 32   Wall: 4   Level: NC2S    Choreographer: Fred Whitehouse (Ireland) Dec. 2015   Music: Autumn by Paolo Nutini (These Streets album)

Ain't Misbehavin'

Makes You Bitter

Same Old Love

We Have It All

Hands Of Love

Take Back
y [Through The Years]
left photo
Friends from Indonesia at
Bishan CC (Nawal &
students) with some DFC
members staying back for
photo. (30th August)

below photo
Friends from Australia
(Wanda) and Germany at Toa
Payoh Central CC with DFC
and dancers (8th August)