Braddell Heights CC
11 May 2018
6:30 pm to 9:30pm     S$4
Host: Susan Sim
Thai Of my Life
Jump Right IN
Vanotek Cha
Mood Swing
Hold a Candle
What Have You Done for me
New Dance
Watch the Tempo
I hate Love song
Hola Oh La La
Almost Human
New Dance
Call Out My Name
Taking Chances
Young Blood
Smoke , Fire
Something I Can't Have
Leave a light on
Capital Letter
Nice To Meet Ya
Let Me Keep You Warm
Sock to It Ya
No Apology
New Dance
No Witness
Gypsy In the Night
Beautifully Broken
New Dance
Do It Like This
Follow My Footprint
Pull Your Gun Down
Bring Me the night
Into Pieces
Young Blood (old)