Wherever You May Wonder
Summer Night Cha Cha
Rock Around The Clock
B Bop N Boogie
Africa Bum Bum
Silver Threads
Electric Slide
Sha La La
Someone Feels Like A Fool
Bailamos Cha Cha
Cowboy Cha Cha
Capri Cha Cha
Lonely Drum
Infinite Love
Shy Watlz
Sway Me Now
My Ladies Rhumba
Ring Ring
Ma Tham Maai
Qiao Qiao Men
Hello Summer
Forget Me Not
Come Dance With Me
Magic Cha Cha
Sexy Cha Cha
Sex Bomb
I Will Follow Him
Hot Tamales
Mony Mony
New Face
Senorita Tu
Gypsy Queen
The Bomp
Wild Wild West
Who Did You Call Darling
Tou Tou Mo Mo
Heart Of An Angel
That Person That Love
Como Yo
Un Dos Tres / Sambarito
Miss You When It Rains
No No No
My Carol
Sweet Caroline
Havana Cha / Havana Ooh Na Na
Celtic Duo
Fiesta In Your Heart
Far East Plaza
14 Scotts Road  level 2 Cocourse
Aircon Smooth Flooring but bring own chairs
1 May 2018 Tuesday $3
1 pm to 6 pm
other requests
Trudy,   Breathe Into You,   Smoke, Fire,   Venotek Cha,  Watch The Tempo,  Hit The Base,
Thousands Of Song,  Almost Human,   
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