Winston Weekly SUN Dance Fit & Prac Gathering @ Big
Dance Studio #03-10
27 May 2018
9am - 12pm (SUNDAY)
Fee: Member F.O.C. / Non Member $3
DJ: Jonathon-Winston Yew (Organizing Instructor)
1 Cachito Mio (by Grace, Hyunji, Hye-yeon, Hyunjin, Heesun, Hong Reun & Hyunah)
2 Darling (by Eva & Angel)
3 Telephone Cha (by Mayee & Chris) (NEW)
4 超級舞林 (Chao Ji Wu Lin) (廣場舞)
5 Dancing On A Monday (by Alison & Peter)
6 Good For Saturday Night (by Eun Mi Lim) (NEW)
7 天越藍我就越想你 (Tian Yue Lan Wo Jiu Yue Xiang Ni) (廣場舞) (NEW)
8 Alice (by Daniel Whittaker) (NEW)
9 Sun & Sea Cha Cha (by Wil & Hyunji)
10 Celtic Duo (by Maggie & Gary)

11 Pacific Coast Highway (No Official Script) (NEW)
12 Tell Me You Love Me (No Official Script) (NEW)
13 Sambarito (by Kim, Pat & Tina)
14 Nice To Meet Ya! (by Daniel, Roy & Laura)
15 Young Blood (by Adrian & Jessica )
16 Familiar (by Maggie Gallagher)
17 Vanotek Cha (No Official Script)
18 Delicate …. (No Official Script)
19 Compromise (by Linda McCormack)
20 No Excuses (by Craig & Dee)
21 Can't Cry Pretty (by Neville & Julie)
22 Call Out My Name (by Vincent Dijks)
23 A Year From Now (by Noel Bradey)
24 Filthy (No Official Script) (NEW)
25 Rude Dude (by David Ackerman)
26 Sock It To Ya (by Jonno & Shane)
27 Beautiful Flame (No Official Script) (NEW)
28 Bring Me The Night (by Rhoda Lai)
29 Taking Chances (by Ria Vos)
30 Let Me Keep You Warm (by Dee Musk)
31 A Lover's Trak (No Official Script)
32 Put The Gun Down (by Bradley Mather)