26.Baby  ( I Love You )
27.One Millian Red Rose
29.Baby I’m Torn
30.7 Day
31.I Can’t Stop Loving You
32.Be My Baby Now
33.Sun & Sea Cha Cha
34.Love Is Loud
36.Just A Phase
37.Sex Bomb
38.Where The  First Love  Happened
39.Mil Horas
40.With Of The Wind
41.Ye Tao Hua
42.Rolling With Love
43.You Belong To My Heart
44.Cerezo Rosa
45.Werk It ( Just For Fun )
46.Blue Night Cha
57.Will Power
58.All The King Horses
59.Thank You Very Much
50.Shot Of Tequila
1.Miss Congeniality
2.I’m Alive
4.Who Did You Call Darling
5.Man Chang Fei
6.Ummer! Ummer!
7.City Light
8.Senorita La La La
9.Vertical Expression
10.Soul Shake
11.A Kind Of Hush
12.To Love Somebody (Remix)
13.Body In Motion
14.Girl In The Mirror
15.Rock It
16. 3 ToTango
17.Bubblin’ Up
18.Time 2 Get Sexy
19.Abby’s Hertbreak
20.It’s Only Human
22.The Past Is Only Be Tasted
23.Amarte Bachata
25.Get Up, Get Up, Get Up
Kovan Hub
organised by Paya Lebar Kovan CC WEC
07 Dec 2019 Saturday
9.00 am to 1 pm  $1
Host Fiona