Line Dance Nite @ Orchid Country Club
19 Jan 2019
6:00 pm to 11:00 pm    $10/-
Host / DJ: Joyce Lim
Whisky Chaser
Dirty Little Secret
For Me Lately 
Secrets You Keep
Body Shots 
Remember Us This Way 
True Inspiration
Baby Bandit 
Whatever It Takes 
Electric Church
Burn It all Down 
And Get It On ®
Love Rush
Calm Me Down
I’m No Saint
Wild Fire 
All Week Long ®
It’s Your Moves
I Love You No Matter What
No Strings Attached
Flies On The Butter
Purest Of Pain 
You’re The Reason
Back In Town   
Love Remain
Second Time Around ®
Grow Old With You 
Dancing With Character
My Rules 
Walk In the Night
All Tanged Up
Music In My Eyes
Don’t Make Me Suffer ®
Falling Walls
The Bounce 
La Resaca
Dem Dey Go
Graffiti 
Thunderclouds 
Uphill Battle
Tightrope ®
I’d Stop the World
One Reason
Jessie 
Tic Tac Toe 
Sleepwalk With Me 
Guardian Angel
The Eurodance
Kiss of Heaven
The Language of Love
Lost In Love
Sanctify My Sins