Pek Kio CC
21 Gloucester Road
04 October 2019 Friday
6.30pm to 9.30pm $3
Host Ongkeelin
Rendez vous
Forever And Ever
Work Done
I'm Outta Salt
Rolling With Love
Broken Wing (Alison B & Peter M)
Tiny Voice
Woke Up Late
Oceans Deep
Keep It Simple
Dreams Of Gold
Just Priceless
Fantasy And Freedom
Baby I'm Torn
Thousands Time
Your're Gone
Away From You
Take A Look At This
Juicy Fruits
Fantasy And Freedom
Dive Bar Saints
Down For Your Lovin'
About Last Night
Party In The Hill
3 To Tango
Legends In The Night
We're All In This Together
One More Goodbye
Abby's Heartbreak
Tonight Is Real (Maggie G)
if time permit below requests
Whatever It Takes, Devastating Love,  Incomes the Night,   Nothing To Hide
What's Mine Is Yours, My Side Of The Fence,  Not Complicated