Pek Kio CC
Level 2 Performance Theatre
21 Gloucester Road  (Farrer Park MRT Exit D)
7th December 2018
6.30pm to 9.30pm $3
Host Ong Kee Lin
Cerezo Rosa
It's Your Move
Make No Promise
Para Toda La Vida
When I Found You
Whisky Chaser
Nobody's Perfect
Right Now
Hey Nah Nah Nah
The Boy With The Gun
My Rules
Price You Pay
You Come First
Kiss Of Heaven
Always Remember Us This Way
Secrets We Keep
No Chering
Let Me Shine
For Me Lately
Whatever It Takes
Electric Church
Quiera Amor
I'm No Saint
New Light
Burn It All Down
Burn It All Down
True Inspiration
Back In Town
Lot Of Love
Say My Name No More
Wiggle Freeze
The Bounce
Thorns & Rose
This Is The Sound
Tic Tac Toe
Bardot Blues
Silent Storm
Time In The Box
Grow Old With You
Baby Bandit
Stay With Me
Wild Fire
Sleepwalk With Me
Spinning Room
Rendezvous Cha
Fake It Till You Make It
Love Is Loud
Change Your Mind
Never And Forever