Pek Kio CC
21 Gloucester Road
level 2 Performance Theatre
13 Decemeber 2019 Friday
6.30pm to 9.30pm $3
Host Ong kee Lin
go throught
Do What I Do

More Than I Can Say
Summer And Passion
Work Done
Woke Up Late
Baby I'm Torn
Cherry On Top
La Dance lalal
Pa Olvidarte
Danny's Song
Kiss & Tell

Do What I Do
Do It Like This Do It Like That
Cooler Than Cool
Faithful Soul
Nothing To Hide
How Did You Get There
Don't Go Changing
(YNO) You Are Number One

Ice Cold
Broken Wing
Peach Pie
My Superpower
Turning Table

You're My Hero
Chicago Gold
How Dare You Lie To Me
2 Become 1
Your Medicine
Party In The Hill