Pek Kio CC
27 Decemeber 2019 Friday
6.30pm to 9.30pm  $3
La Dance lalala
Danny's Song
All INeed To Know
You Are My Hero
Do What I Do
Don't Go Changing
Uno Volta Ancora
Broken Wing
La Cota Fria
Cooler Than Cool
Pa Olvidarte
YNO (You Are My Number One)
Talking With My Body
Faithful Soul
Kiss N Tell
My Super Power
I've Been Missing
Greatest Love Of All
Thousand Times
Stay With You
Rose Is Red
Once I've Been Missiong
Can't Control Your Feet
Darling That's The Truth
How Did You Get There
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Ice Cold,  You're The Hero,  Stack It Up, Ocean To Ocean,  Genetic,  
Dance On Weekends,  Mrt 0ngfingerprint, No More Play, Ocean And Ocean