Paya Lebar Square
19 May 2018
5pm to 9:30pm $3
Host: Susan Sim
Funky fire Dance
Corazon Diamante
Hit the Base
About Feeling
Champagne on Ice
La Muchachita Cha Cha
New Dance
It's Murda
My Little Runaway
Mars Attack
We'll Stay Young
New Dance
She's Gone
Lil Mama
Tell Me You Love Me
Boys will be Boys
Hate to Love you
Put Your Gun Down
Open Heart
Almost Human
Be My baby/Shape of You
Coochi Bang Bang
Mates of Soul
If It's Meant To Be
Sock to It Ya
Let Me Keep You Warm
Outta Control
I promise you
Watch the Tempo
Call Out My Name
Mood Swing
Hola Oh La La
Hola Oh La La
Beautiful Flames
In My Blood
Taking Chances
La Luna
Smoke , Fire
Young Blood
New Dance
No Witness
Bring Me the night
Calm Me down
Conquering America
New Dance
A year from Now
I Was Wrong
Vanotek Cha
Do It Like This
I'll be Home Soon
Love Remains
Nice to Meet Ya
I hate Love song
Beautifully Broken
Thai Of my Life
Follow My Footprint
Hold a Candle
On the Floor
Extreme Love
Jump the Gun
Hush Hush
Almost Had it All
Give and Take
One Last Dance
Oh Hot Damn