Infinite Love
Miss You When It Rains
Tomorrow Cha Cha
Secrets We Keep
Back In Time
Como Yo
Almost Human
Ride The Beat
Cheri Cheri Lady
Make No Promises
Quiero Amor
The Bounce
Say My Name No More
O Sole Mio
Senorita Tu
Love Remains
IT Solo / The Eurodance
Price We Pay
Lonely Drum
Cerero Rosa
It's Your Move
Paya Lebar Kovan CC
Hougang Street 21
Aircon Main Hall
(opp McDonald / former Bus Interchange) near Heartland Mall)
24th Decemeber 2018 Monday
5pm to 9.30pm $4
Host Ong Kee Lin   98522383
Secrets We Keep
Havana Cha / Havana Ooh Na Na
Falling Wall
Spinning Room / Spinning Wheel
Fiesta In Your Heart
Corazon Espinado
Life Goes On
Sambarito / Un Dos Tres
Flies On The Butter
Electric Church
Lipstick Tango
Big Coconuts
I Will Follow Him
My Mother My Teacher My Friend
 When She Grows Up
 My Rules
Groovy Love
Para Toda La Vida
Kiss Of Heavens
Private Affair
Bboom Bboom
Make Your Mind
other requests if time permit and song available
One Moment In Time,  Body Shots,  Burn It All Down,   
Thurnderclouds,  Colors
Hold Me Before Leave, I Love You No Matter What,  Granted,  Fake It Til You Make It,
row Old With You,  El Bestito  Silent Storm,  Always Remember Us This Way  / Always
Remember Us,  Feel Alive, All Time Lovers
,   I'd Stop The World,  Graffiti,  Holding A
Dream,  So Beautiful,  Majestic,   
Love Rush,  Watch The Tempo,  Sabanci,   
Love Is Loud,  Stay With Me,  Graffiti,   Wild Fire,