Weekly THUR Line Dance Practice Night
31 May 2018    7pm - 9.45pm  Thursday    $4
(Early Bird Requests start at 6.30pm)
DJ: Jonathon-Winston Yew (Organizing Instructor)
1 Taking Chances (by Ria Vos)
2 Young Blood (by Adrian & Jessica)
3 Put The Gun Down (by Bradley Mather)
4 A Year From Now (by Noel Bradey)
5 Beautiful Flame (by Maggie & Gary)
6 Filthy (by Joey Warren)
7 Tell Me You Love Me (No Official Script)
8 Let Me Love You (by Wil Bos)
9 Hate To Love You (by Myra Harrold)
10 Say Yes! (by Tim Johnson) (NEW)
11 Make Way (by Fred, Guillaume & Derek)
12 Hasta Luego (by Debbie Rushton)
13 Festikiss (No Official Script) (NEW)
14 The Language Of Love (by Niels Poulsen)
15 Sober Saturday Night (by Maddison Glover)
16 Cold Feet (by Gary O' Reilly)
17 Cross Your Mind (No Official Script)
18 Pacific Coast Highway (No Official Script)
19 I'll Be Home Soon (by Jo & John + Jef)
20 If It's Meant To Be (by Jamie Barnfield)
21 Sambarito (by Kim, Pat, Tina)
22 What You've Done For Me (by Julia Wetzel)
23 Familiar (by Maggie Gallagher)
24 Nice To Meet Ya! (by Daniel, Roy & Laura)

1 A Lover's Trak (No Official Script)
2 Call Out My Name (by Vincent Dijks)
3 Can't Cry Pretty (by Neville & Julie)
4 Compromise (by Linda McCormack)
5 Delicate (by Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris)
6 Homesick (by Maria Maag)
7 Into Pieces (by Jef, Roy & Pim)
8 Rude Dude (by David Ackerman