DANCE FIT GATHERING - JURONG GREEN C.C.- SEP, 03RD, 2017 (SUN)(Updated 08-24-2017 (Final!))
Entry Coverage: Dance Club Member: F.O.C /Non-Member: S$3.00/Pax 
Note: Dance Club Memebership Fees Now Only At S$48.00 per 1 Year. Join us now!
Environment: Indoor + Air-Conditioned + Smooth Flooring 
Venue: Big Dance Studio #03-10
Note: Usually one beginner dance to be shared every session from 10:00 am to 10:30 am
Note: Please bring along your own water.
Note: Dance Session starts from 9:00 am ~ 12:00 pm.
Organizing Instructor: Jonathon-Winston Yew (WY) 
Web-site: H/p: 9-85-75-916
Email:   OR
The completed dance list for the morning's event is as follows.  No on-spot requests will be entertained until the below
list is completed.  On-spot requests are subjected to time constraint & availability of music.
Requests can submitted prior to the organizing instructor via email or SMS.
S/No. Dance Name   S/No. Dance Name  
1 My Carol (by Hayley & Mayee) 21 We're In Heaven (by Gary O'Reilly) 
2 That's Me (by Nancy Lee) 22 Don’t Let Me Down (by Joshua Talbot) 
3 Everyday's A Holiday (by Fred Whitehouse) 23 Check Please… (No Official Script)
4 Sister (by Tina Chen Sue Huei) 24 Enough is Enough (by Ria Vos) 
5 La Radio (by Maria Maag) 25 No Sun On Sunday! (by Niels Poulsen)
6 Dame Mas (by Emily, Sébastien, Guillaume & Brigitte) 26 Hold Me Tight (by Laura Lopez)
7 Lovumba (by Gudrun & Roy) 27 Love Hurts (by Stig Ekström)
8 Ring Ring (by Yujin Jung) 28 I Promise You (by Stella Kim)
9 Gentleman (by Julia Wetzel) 29 Woman In Love (by Joshua Talbot)
10 3 Amigos (by Pim, Roy & José) 30 Someone Else's Star (by Betsy Courant)
11 Three Amigos (by Ria, Dee & Karl-Harry) 31 Power Mix (by Maddison Glover)
12 Crawfish (by Wil Bos) ------- ---------------------------------------------
13 Peculiar Game (by Fred & Georgina)       
14 Trudy (by José & Rhoda)      
15 Plus 1 (by Niels Poulsen)       
16 City On Fire (by Kate & Robbie)      
17 Lion Heart (by Wil Bos)      
18 Speak To A Girl (by Amy Glass)      
19 Think Fast (by Val O'Connor)       
20 Your Song (by Neville & Julie)     
** We'll try our best to play the above dances in sequence, but it's still subjected to slight adjustments due to popular 
     requests for certain dances to be brought forward, technical faults of C.D., time constraints, etc factors.
** Above dance list may not be fully played.  It's subjected to time constraints.