Kovan Hub by Paya Lebar Kovan CC WEC

17 March 2018 Saturday

9am to 1pm $1

Host Fiona Chang


Como Yo

Ainít Funny

Be My Baby Now


Coming Home

Bachata Conmigo

I Got This Too


Island In The Stream

I Was Wrong

Someone Feel Like A Fool

Cowboy Cha Cha

Solo Amor

Latino Lover

Amarte Bachata

Body In Motion

Hello Summer


Til Iím Done

Lets Do The Shake


The Hardest Word

Bailamos Cha Cha

All The Kingís Horses

New Face

Contigo Cha Cha

Lonely Drum

I Canít Stop Loving You

An Angel

Could It Be Us

Amarte Bachata



East To West

Bicycle Waltz

Wants And Need

Open Heart

Bang Bang

Pom Pom

Electric Love

Hit Me


In Love With A Tender Heart

No No No

Losing Control

Sweet Sweet Smile


Ring Ring

Oh! Lady

I Will Follow Him

Bubblin Up


Knock Knock

No No No

Qiao Qiao Men

I Wantít Back Down


Quiero Bailar

Breath Into You

Mars Attack

In Our Blood

Sweet Hurt

Cha Cha Tomorrow

Any more