1.Baby ( I Love You)

2.I’m Alive

3.Big Blue Tree

4.Who Did You Call Darling

5.All My Heart

6.Es Por Ti

7.City Light

8.Senorita La La La

9.Vertical Expression


11.Soul Shake

12.A Kind Of Hush

13.To Love Somebody



16.Shot Of Tequila

17.Girls In The Mirrow

18.Bubblin’ Up

19.Nothing But You

20.Sweet And Mentally Insane

21.Everbody’s Gonna Dance

22.It’s Only Human


24.Rock It

26.Mad Crazy Love

27.Solo Amor

28.Super Man Bad Man

29.Dream It Possible
30.Deadline Of Love

29.One Millian Red Rose


31.Wo Wen Tian

32.7 Day

33.I Can’t Stop Loving You

34.Be My Baby Now

35.Going To Londan

36.Love Is Loud


38.My Mother My Teacher My

39.Just A Phase

40.Latino Lover

41.Seal Our Fate

42.Mill Horas

43.Mart Attack

44.Girl Next Door

45.Rolling With Love

46.Patient Heat

47.Cerezo Rosa

48.Now Or Never

49.Love Is Loud

50.Will Power

51.Time 2 Get Sexy

52.Abby’s Hertbreak

53.All The King Horses

54.Black Cat Tango

55.Season Of The Wing
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