1.It’s AllAbout 3 Step

2.Baby I Love You

3.Cerezo Rosa


5.Time 2 Be Sexy


7.Everybody Cha Cha

8.Baby I’m Torn

9.Shy Waitz

10.Soul  Shake

11.It’s Only Human

12.Rock It


14.Going To Londan

15.To love Somebody (Remix)

16.Body In Motion

17.Nothing But You

18.Night Cha

19.Rolling With love

20.Dancing On The Saturday Night

21.Love Is Loud


23.To Love Somebody

24.Abby’s Hertbreak

25.I Close My Eyes
26. 7 Day

27.Can’t Stop Loving You

28.Mill Horas

29.One Millian Red Rose

30.Blue Night Cha



33.One Step Forward

34.Miss Congeniality

35.Senorita La La La

36.Girl In The Mirror

37.All The King’s Horses

38.Everybody’s Gonna Dance

39.3 To Tango

40.Bicycle  Waltz

41.Shot Of Tequila

42.Vestical Expression

43.A kind Of Hush


45.Everybody Cha Cha

46.City Light

47.That Person That Love

48.Keep It Simple

49.Just A Kiss 2

50.Lonely Drum
Kovan Hub
former bus interchange near Heartland Mall
28 September 2019 Saturday
9am to 1pm $1
Host Fiona